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dry eye treatment

Dry Eye Treatment/TearCare

Our doctors will create a customized treatment plan for your dry eyes by spending time reviewing your symptoms & test for the type of dry eyes you have.
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Specialty Contacts

Specialty contacts are ideal for conditions where conventional soft contact lenses are not suitable. People have different eyes and vision requirements, so these lenses are tailored to those needs
eyelash mite treatment

Eyelash Mite Treatment

Eyelash mites are microorganisms that cause itchy eyelids, crusting of the eyelashes & even eyelash loss. Our doctors are skilled in treating this condition.
Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Binocular Vision Dysfunction

The key characteristic of BVD is eyes that are slightly out of alignment, which means that they don’t work together as well as they could.

Our approach to optometry

Welcome to Eye Care North in Cave Creek. Eye Care North is a full-service eye care provider. We take eye emergencies as well as scheduled appointments. Our doctors can perform exams for glasses and contacts, manage eye diseases such as glaucoma & macular degeneration, treat eye infections, remove ocular foreign bodies & is able to perform many other eye treatments & procedures. At Eye Care North, we will explain every exam procedure and answer all of our patient's questions.

The Eye Care North team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care, the latest technology & superior quality products. Our doctors personally train all staff on ocular anatomy and lens optics in order to provide the best care possible to our patients. Our Eye Care North team undergoes continuous training to stay up to date on the latest technology in services and products in optometry.

Our one-on-one approach to optometry makes our doctors and the Eye Care North staff the eye and vision care providers of choice in the north valley. Join our patient family by scheduling an eye exam at our Cave Creek office. Call us at 480-781-4446 or schedule an appointment online.

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