Patient Testimonials

Car sickness, headaches & nausea

Kaelin discovered our office after reading an article online discussing symptoms of binocular vision dysfunction. She suffered from car sickness her entire life. For years she had constant headaches that were located around the eyes. She also got nauseous just from walking around. Kaelin had a an exam at Eye Care North & finally got relief from her symptoms with new prism glasses. She no longer has constant headaches and nausea which has improved not only her mood but her quality of life.

Difficulty reading & headaches/neck pain

Courtney always had difficulty reading & developed worsening headaches & neck pain with a job change that required increased computer use. Her previous eye doctors told her she could see 20/20 & didn't need glasses. After an evaluation at Eye Care North, she learned her symptoms were caused by her eyes not working together. With her new prism glasses, her headaches & neck pain have resolved & she can now read for enjoyment.

Dizziness, anxiety & nausea while driving


David suffered from dizziness while driving which caused anxiety & nausea. He saw multiple specialists including an ENT, physical therapist & chiropractor. He was diagnosed with vertigo but did not have improvement with any treatments/medications he was prescribed. Fortunately, David found our office on the internet & scheduled an evaluation. He was diagnosed with an eye misalignment & prescribed prism glasses which resulted in 90% improvement of his symptoms! He has also been able to discontinue some of his medications & now has improved quality of life.

Double vision while driving


As a result of a previous concussion, Gail had dizziness & double vision which caused her to drive and watch TV with one eye covered. She saw 4 different eye doctors before she was referred to our office for an evaluation. After an extensive examination, she was prescribed prism glasses & now reports 100% improvement in her symptoms.

Difficulty focusing and reading

Bennie developed a wrinkle in her retina after having surgery for a retinal detachment in 2002. This caused letters to move around when reading & made focusing very difficult. After moving to Arizona in 2018, she became a patient at Eye Care North. She was prescribed prism glasses by Dr. Lam which improved her distance vision & stopped letters from jumping while she read. These glasses have provided her the best vision she's had since her retinal detachment surgery.

Headaches and imbalance


Lynn used to have headaches and imbalance prior to being a patient at Eye Care North. She was prescribed prism by her previous optometrist to correct her eye muscle misalignment but the glasses did not work for her. After a thorough evaluation at Eye Care North, Dr. Lam found the appropriate amount of prism correction that finally helped to alleviate her symptoms.

Daily headaches & severe migraines


Erin used to have daily headaches and severe migraines that made school work difficult. Her prism glasses have not only given her relief from her headaches but have also reduced her eye fatigue while reading and doing homework.

Anxiety and double vision while driving


Dinah used to see double-vision when looking in the distance. It caused her anxiety when driving because she would always see two cars coming at her even if there was only one car. She had to drive with one eye closed to get rid of double images. Since getting her prism glasses she has been ecstatic about her improved vision & her ability to drive with both eyes open.​​​​​​​

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