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Double Vision, Dizziness & Anxiety

I remember being about 8 years old and attending Catholic School. The nuns were extremely strict, and they made us sit in rows according to how tall we were. I was taller than most of the other children so I would always end up sitting in the back of the class. This worked well until I hit age 8 and suddenly could not see the chalkboard anymore. We were learning multiplication and the nun would write a problem on the board and one by one we would have to give the answer to what she wrote on the chalkboard. Since I could not see what she was writing, the student next to me would whisper the answer. Because of this I did not really memorize the multiplication tables and struggled with math. Soon, my tactic stopped working and the school called my mother to tell her that I needed my vision checked.

I will never forget my first pair of glasses. At that time, if you wore glasses, you were considered a nerd. I did not care because for the first time in years I could see people's faces and realized that there were different shades of brown in the carpet in our house. I was amazed at the clarity of the world after living in haze for so long.

Over the years I transitioned from glasses to hard contact lenses, then soft contact lenses and then finally, in my 40's I decided to get Lasik eye surgery. I was wearing monovision contact lenses at the time, so I decided that I would continue with monovision with my Lasik surgery. The surgery worked well for about ten years and then I noticed changes in my vision again. It was not as sharp anymore.

I went to an optometrist and they tested my eyes and gave me prescription eyeglasses. The glasses made me feel dizzy and gave me headaches, so I did not wear them often. After a couple of years, I went to another optometrist who also gave me prescription eyeglasses. These glasses were a bit better, but I noticed that I was getting headaches and feeling dizzy. I then approached an eye surgeon and he told me that he could fix my problems with PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) surgery. I had the surgery and felt worse after. Not only I was getting dizzy and having headaches but now I was having some significant double vision and terrible anxiety when driving. When I went back to the surgeon with my issues, he told me that there was nothing he could do for me. So, I lived with dizziness, anxiety, headaches, nausea, and the double vision. The double vision was so bad that one night I did not see a step and tripped and hit my head ending up with concussion and ended up with post concussive syndrome.

Finally, I decided to pursue an answer to what was going on. This is when I ended up at Eye Care North and saw Dr. Julie Lam. Before my visit I filled out a binocular vision dysfunction questionnaire. I had never heard of this condition, but I was answering yes to almost every question. When I saw Dr. Lam, she examined me and told me that she suspected that I had binocular vision dysfunction, but I also had cataracts, so she referred me to a local surgeon who did a lens replacement in both eyes. I was thrilled that my vision was clear again, but I was still feeling dizzy, nauseous, and having daily headaches. Unfortunately, my double vision had not been corrected either and I was still having terrible anxiety when driving and in open spaces. I went back to her office and we discussed the option of prism glasses. I was reluctant to go back wearing glasses but after reviewing the material regarding binocular vision dysfunction that Dr Lam recommended, I decided to go for it.

Today, I'm wearing my second set of prism glasses and I may need to go up to a stronger pair but there has been an amazing change so far. The headaches have resolved, the dizziness and nausea are so much better and the extreme anxiety when driving has almost completely dissipated. Her optician, Melissa, was so helpful when helping me pick out the frames for my glasses and she went out of her way to make sure they fit perfectly. The front office staff were all very professional and friendly and the office is clean and comfortable.

These glasses are life changing for me because I was afraid to drive and be in social situations due to my vision problems. Now I feel comfortable around other people and in open areas. My driving anxiety has improved tremendously and I'm looking forward to complete resolution.

I highly recommend Dr. Lam and her staff.


Multiple specialists & ongoing vertigo

When I came to Eye Care North to see Dr. Lam, I had been experiencing severe bouts of vertigo, chronic migraine, nausea, neck pain, and light sensitivity for many years. I was able to find relief from many of the migraine symptoms through the help of a neurologist, but the vertigo was worsening over time. Over the years, I had seen my PCP, two ENTs, numerous neurologists, and two neuro-otologists. I went through several MRIs, Electronystagmography (ENG), and hearing tests. The good news was that there was nothing these specialists could find that was causing the extreme bouts of vertigo…but there was not a good course of action to help relieve the symptoms, either. Motion sickness medications and low salt diets made little difference. I had tried specialty sunglasses, prescription glasses, regularly scheduled massage, and chiropractic medicine. Some of these helped slightly, but only for a limited time.

Vertigo always returned, and it was becoming dangerous to drive myself to work. Since I began wearing the prism glasses prescribed by Dr. Lam, all of my symptoms have decreased significantly, and the vertigo is almost completely gone. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Lam and her entire staff; because of them, my quality of life has improved greatly. Dr. Lam is very knowledgeable, patient, and kind. She truly cares about her patients.


Vertigo & vestibular migraines

My symptoms go back as far as my teens when I got a lot of headaches and got an MRI which showed no issues. I first started experiencing vertigo when I was 25 which over time worsened. I started experiencing a lot of pain and fullness in my left ear. Swaying, dizziness, neck pain, and anxiety were daily issues. I’ve been to 3 ENTs, 3 ER visits and have also been to general practitioners regarding my symptoms. In 2019, I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines and was prescribed a medication that was supposed to help, but it did not. My symptoms got worse and worse over time to the point where I lost any job that I started due to having vertigo 1-2 times a week and daily migraines. Migraines were so bad my ENT at the time sent me to the ER thinking I was having a stroke, again MRI showed nothing. After doing extensive research I stumbled over BVD and took my test online and was connected to Eye Care North.

When I had my initial exam they made me feel as comfortable as possible and did extensive testing which in return told me I had BVD. I then ordered my glasses and have been wearing them for 4 weeks now and my life has changed only for the better. I am no longer cranky, fatigued, and no longer have any headaches or neck pain at all. I also have not had any vertigo attacks since wearing the glasses. I highly recommend anybody who has any of these symptoms to take the online test and get connected with Eye Care North. I want to thank the staff and Dr. Lam at Eye Care North for the compassion that they’ve shown me since my first appointment and continued to show me through every follow-up appointment or email.


Dizzy spells, poor depth perception & difficulty driving

I wore glasses from age 10 until 1998 at age 26 when I had the LASIK procedure done. I enjoyed perfect vision for 10 years until I began wearing glasses in 2008. In 2010, I needed a touch up done but found out that my vision had changed too much and my cornea was too thin to complete the procedure.

For the last 10 years, I have struggled with dizzy spells in buildings with high ceilings, lack of depth perception, and nighttime driving. Some doctors thought it was anxiety. Also, I was seen by 2 ENT’s. In January 2020, my sister who is a chiropractor gave me the article Help! Open Spaces and Busy Patterns Make Me Dizzy. I exclaimed, “That’s me!” I completed the Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) questionnaire and scored 37 out of 75. Any score over 15 indicates I may be suffering from BVD. I was told they have seen a significant amount of patients who have similar symptoms as me years after having LASIK. The symptoms usually develop in their 40’s. I am 48 years old.

I researched several Neuro Visual Specialists until I found Eye Care North in Cave Creek Arizona. In June 2020, Chelsea graciously answered my endless amount of questions as I made the decision to drive there from Las Vegas for the progressive assessment. Dr. Julie Lam is a very knowledgeable doctor who listened intently and I felt heard. Melissa was phenomenal in helping me pick out new glasses as I wasn’t anticipating this purchase. She had a tremendous amount of patience as I considered all my options.

In August 2020, I had my second progressive assessment. I drove from Las Vegas to Wickenburg all by myself without my eyes getting tired. I haven’t been able to do this in over 10 years. I, now, am able to shop at all stores rather than just the ones with low ceilings. I don’t look at the ground when I walk anymore. My life has completely changed as I have improved by 75%.


Double vision relief

​​​​​​​Dr. Lam is the best! She was so patient when refracting. Her attention to detail has resulted in the best corrected vision that I have had in years. I am dealing with vitreous matter broken loose and floating, wrinkled retinas, and seeing double. The prescription she wrote is so much better than any of the others I've had during the 13 years we've been in AZ. She is especially good at adjusting the prism I need for the double vision. I've been wearing glasses for about 60 years and her refraction was the most thorough in all those years. Thank you Dr. Lam!


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