Ability to Enjoy Life Again

I've always had trouble with depth perception, but it wasn't until I much older that I became increasingly frustrated at the fact that my prescription glasses never seemed to be quite right, no matter how many times my prescription was "corrected".

Vertigo & Difficulty Driving

1 year after I became a patient with Eye Care North, I feel like I have my life back. There was a daily struggle with extreme vertigo to the point I could no longer drive.

Many Different Doctors for Migraines

They diagnosed me with Binocular Vision Disorder, which I had never even heard of before, and they were all so helpful in explaining everything and answering as many questions as I could come up with.

Anxiety Finally Gone

I have been a patient of Dr. Lam's for almost 1 year. Her examinations were the most thorough I have ever had and finally gotten a diagnosis after seeing many doctors, ENTs, etc. Not to mention the kind and helpful staff, I'll never go anywhere else!!

Double Vision, Dizziness & Anxiety

I remember being about 8 years old and attending Catholic School. The nuns were extremely strict, and they made us sit in rows according to how tall we were. I was taller than most of the other children so I would always end up sitting in the back of the class. This worked well until I hit age 8 and suddenly could not see the chalkboard anymore.

Multiple specialists & ongoing vertigo

When I came to Eye Care North to see Dr. Lam, I had been experiencing severe bouts of vertigo, chronic migraine, nausea, neck pain, and light sensitivity for many years. I was able to find relief from many of the migraine symptoms through the help of a neurologist, but the vertigo was worsening over time.

Vertigo & vestibular migraines

My symptoms go back as far as my teens when I got a lot of headaches and got an MRI which showed no issues. I first started experiencing vertigo when I was 25 which over time worsened. I started experiencing a lot of pain and fullness in my left ear.

Double vision relief

Dr. Lam is the best! She was so patient when refracting. Her attention to detail has resulted in the best corrected vision that I have had in years. I am dealing with vitreous matter broken loose and floating, wrinkled retinas, and seeing double.

Dizzy spells, poor depth perception & difficulty driving

I wore glasses from age 10 until 1998 at age 26 when I had the LASIK procedure done. I enjoyed perfect vision for 10 years until I began wearing glasses in 2008. In 2010, I needed a touch up done but found out that my vision had changed too much and my cornea was too thin to complete the procedure.

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