Patient Testimonials

Lynn used to have headaches and imbalance prior to being a patient at Eye Care North. She was prescribed prism by her previous optometrist to correct her eye muscle misalignment but the glasses did not work for her. After a thorough neurovisual evaluation at Eye Care North, Dr. Lam found the appropriate amount of prism correction that finally helped to alleviate her symptoms.

Erin used to have daily headaches and severe migraines that made school work difficult. Her prism glasses have not only given her relief from her headaches but have also reduced her eye fatigue while reading and doing homework.

Dinah used to see double-vision when looking in the distance. It caused her anxiety when driving because she would always see two cars coming at her even if there was only one car. She had to drive with one eye closed to get rid of double images. Since getting her prism glasses she has been ecstatic about her improved vision & her ability to drive with both eyes open.​​​​​​​

Melissa experienced dizziness and vertigo for years. Her previous doctors were unable to help her. Since joining our team at Eye Care North, she learned about Neurovisual Medicine & could relate to many of our patients with binocular vision dysfunction. Now with her prism glasses, she finally has relief from her symptoms

​​​​​​​Dr. Lam is the best! She was so patient when refracting. Her attention to detail has resulted in the best corrected vision that I have had in years. I am dealing with vitreous matter broken loose and floating, wrinkled retinas, and seeing double. The prescription she wrote is so much better than any of the others I've had during the 13 years we've been in AZ. She is especially good at adjusting the prism I need for the double vision. I've been wearing glasses for about 60 years and her refraction was the most thorough in all those years. Thank you Dr. Lam!

Robert W.