Vertigo & vestibular migraines

My symptoms go back as far as my teens when I got a lot of headaches and got an MRI which showed no issues. I first started experiencing vertigo when I was 25 which over time worsened. I started experiencing a lot of pain and fullness in my left ear. Swaying, dizziness, neck pain, and anxiety were daily issues. I’ve been to 3 ENTs, 3 ER visits and have also been to general practitioners regarding my symptoms. In 2019, I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines and was prescribed a medication that was supposed to help, but it did not. My symptoms got worse and worse over time to the point where I lost any job that I started due to having vertigo 1-2 times a week and daily migraines. Migraines were so bad my ENT at the time sent me to the ER thinking I was having a stroke, again MRI showed nothing. After doing extensive research I stumbled over BVD and took my test online and was connected to Eye Care North.

When I had my initial exam they made me feel as comfortable as possible and did extensive testing which in return told me I had BVD. I then ordered my glasses and have been wearing them for 4 weeks now and my life has changed only for the better. I am no longer cranky, fatigued, and no longer have any headaches or neck pain at all. I also have not had any vertigo attacks since wearing the glasses. I highly recommend anybody who has any of these symptoms to take the online test and get connected with Eye Care North. I want to thank the staff and Dr. Lam at Eye Care North for the compassion that they’ve shown me since my first appointment and continued to show me through every follow-up appointment or email.


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