Qualities to Look for in an Optometrist

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Taking care of your ocular and vision health is vital for your overall health. Vision issues can affect the quality of your life. You should find an optometrist to take care of your eye needs. The best doctor will provide the best solutions for your eye health issues. There are many eye doctors across locations, making it hard to find the best one for you. The following are qualities to look for in an optometrist.


Training and Experience

When it comes to the field of medicine, experience has no substitute. When evaluating optometrists, do your research on the doctor's credentials. Find out where they went to school and completed training.

A good optometrist will be affiliated with professional organizations such as the American Academy of Optometry. Find out if the doctor has worked extensively with patients with symptoms or vision problems similar to yours.


Access to Latest Technology

Look for an optometrist who uses advanced technology to ensure efficiency and precision. The area of optometry has advanced over the last few decades. Technological innovations and access to clinical research have led to developments in the field.

Optometrists who have embraced technology and keep up with current trends offer the best services. They can offer a wide range of treatment solutions, addressing various eye health concerns.


An Attentive and Patient Doctor

Finding an optometrist who is attentive and patient will help ensure that you get the best care. Find a doctor willing to listen to you and who will communicate clearly. A great optometrist will be attentive as you describe your vision concerns or symptoms.

The doctor will try to understand what you are going through before suggesting the best treatment without pushing you. Your visits should not feel rushed, and you should be able to ask questions.


Well-trained Support Staff

Choose an optometrist who works with caring and compassionate support staff. The staff should be focused on excellent patient care, with a holistic approach to eye care. The clinic environment should be friendly, with detail-oriented and highly-trained personnel. The staff should be able to accurately assess your ocular health to provide the best care. It will help make your visits more pleasurable and satisfying.


Several Eye Care Services

Optometrists at Eye Care North are highly trained to offer a wide range of services. Dr. Rhodes earned her doctor of optometry degree from the Southern California College of Optometry in Fullerton, CA. She was introduced to optometry through her mother, who was an optician for 50 years before retiring last year. She is highly experienced in the field and is passionate about helping patients.

Eye Care North treats its patients like family, caring for their eye and vision conditions. They include vision correction, cataracts, LASIK, and corneal crosslinking. Patients can get treatment for complex eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

Maintaining optimal eye health involves both the patient and the doctor. Qualified optometrists consider the patient’s overall health when evaluating their eye health. They listen to the patient's concerns and explain the results of eye exams. Patients are encouraged to ask questions and receive the highest level of eye care and patient education.

For more about qualities to look for in an optometrist, visit Eye Care North at our Cave Creek, Arizona office. Call 480-781-4446 to schedule an appointment today.

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