Customer Testimonials


I've noticed that since beginning GVSS I've gained more responsibility. Also, that my vision has not gotten worse. It is an amazing thing to be able to use and I wake up every morning with perfect vision. I couldn't be happier with my progress using GVSS. I've enjoyed being trained and helped by Dr. Julie Lam, my optometrist.

Mia E.


The biggest changes I’ve noticed is the freedom that comes with good eye sight. Easy treatments at night while sleeping, and the freedom of good eye sight during the day. My son is 10 and is able to manage the treatments easily. He no longer fusses with glasses. Sports are much easier for him to participate in- No contact, no glasses during activities. What a great service! I highly recommend this to anyone who qualifies. Dr. Lam and her team are great to work with and the follow up care is top notch!

Jamie S

Laura & Zachary

GVSS has been a miracle for my son! When he would wear glasses for his nearsightedness he would constantly get headaches! He would never use them because of the headaches so a result he could never see far! Since he started wearing the contact lens at night he sleeps well, can see perfect during the day and the best part, the headaches are gone!!

Laura & Zachary H.


My vision has gotten much better. I have crystal clear vision every day I use them. This product has helped in everyday life. I would recommend this service to others because they would benefit and enjoy their perfect vision.

Darian N.